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Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

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Garage Door Company

Garage Door Company

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Essential FAQs for garage door repair are found here. A collection of great responses

I used the remote control, but my garage door won't open. I wonder what's wrong

Generally, as explained by the experts at Garage Door Repair Forest Hill, there are several possible reasons.(1) the battery of the remote control needs to be replaced (2) the remote needs to be reprogrammed (3) the remote control might be out of range, thus you need to move closer to the door (4) the motor unit antenna should be hanging down.

Is it possible to change the access code of our overhead garage door using the keypad?

Yes it is possible. The instructions are usually found under the cover of the keypad. If by any chance the instructions are not available, you may refer to the manufacturer's website to get the full details and instructions on how to change the access code of your overhead garage door using the keypad.

Do I have to adjust garage door springs after a year of operation?

Sectional door springs have a specific number of operation cycles for any given height. If the spring is motorized then the open-close operation will not be very reliable over time and the sensitivity settings of the motor should be adjusted. Garage door repair experts at Forest Hill recommend servicing the door about a year after the installation.

What kind of lubricant is best for the moving metal parts?

The technicians of our garage door repair company suggest that you check the recommendations of the manufacturer of your door first. Generally, the quick-drying products providing rust protection will do an excellent job. Choose a highly rated product from a well-known brand.

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