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Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

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Garage Door Company

Garage Door Company

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The home owner and garage door repair tips. This page sets the record straight

Maintenance for your steel garage door

Steel garage doors usually require far less maintenance than a wooden door. Unlike wood, a steel door is usually supplied with a coating which has been pre-painted and baked on. This will not need repainting every year or two but can last for many years. Generally, the door will only need a basic cleaning every six months with warm soapy water. Garage Door Repair Forest Hillrecommends checking for any signs of rust which should be dealt with quickly and clearing any grit from the surface which could cause damage.

Judging headroom

Headroom is the distance from the lowest point of the pipe work or ceiling and the very top of the garage door.The amount of headroom required will depend on the springs used for the new door. Extension springs need a minimum of ten inches while torsion springs need more. It is important to carefully measure the headroom in your garage, as it may affect the choice of door operation open to you.

Replacing garage door springs

Garage door springs are to be replaced in pairs. This is because their wear and tear patterns tend to follow one another. In any case you are not saving much money by allowing the structure to function incorrectly on the premise that you will hold out for a few more weeks.

Responsible use of universal garage door openers

Garage door repair Forest Hill experts understand the need for a universal garage door opener as having to replace the opener each and every time you replace a garage door can be a real hassle. However, make sure that it is not overused or tampered with. Keep it out of reach of children.

Design your customized garage door

You should look for the best company that offers this service. You can get an architect help you with the design. Make sure you choose the right materials suitable for your design and so that it will last a long time. Do not forget to upgrade the safety and security features of the garage door because that is the main purpose of having one.

How to avoid problems with your garage door tracks

Regular garage door maintenance checks can help prevent garage door off track problems. Our experts suggest tightening loose screws and bolts in the brackets that keep garage door tracks in place using a screwdriver or adjustable wrench. The vertical portion of the tracks has to be checked too using a carpenter’s level. Slight adjustments of the brackets are often all it takes to straighten this portion of the tracks.

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